Surface Pro 5 Expected Release Date and Hardware Specs

Microsoft has made history with its Surface Pro 4 last year because this is the device which helped Microsoft generate over one billion dollars in profits. With that being said, Microsoft is undoubtedly going to unveil another Surface Pro itineration during 2017. Additionally, tech fans have urging Microsoft to unveil additional details about the upcoming Surface Pro 5 and see this enthusiasm is definitely giving Microsoft confidence.

Sadly, Microsoft has been doing a good job of keeping its mouth shut about upcoming devices and we don’t have any official information about Surface Pro 5. However, this hasn’t stopped anyone from speculating or sparking up rumors about the hybrid tablet’s release date. We have rounded up the most liable rumors about Surface Pro 5 and we’re going to present them right now.

Release Date

The most important information that we could know about Surface Pro 5 is its release date. The device was initially expected to be unveiled alongside Microsoft’s Windows 10 Creators Update. As everyone already knows, this didn’t happen. We don’t know for sure why Microsoft has decided to delay the device’s launch date, but it might have something to do with the fact that the expectations bar is set pretty high.

Microsoft might have decided to keep Surface Pro 5 under wraps for a short period of time in order to install some additional features. What’s interesting is that rumors and speculations are pointing towards a May 2nd release. The reason why everyone believes Surface Pro 5 is set to come out on May 2nd is because that’s when Microsoft will hold its Windows 10 Cloud press event.

Expected Specs

Just like with Surface Pro 5’s release date, Microsoft doesn’t want to disclose any vital information about the device’s hardware specs. However, Surface Pro 5 is expected to be powered by Intel’s latest Kaby Lake architecture chipset and around 16GB of RAM on the premium model. We should mention that Intel’s latest CPU will significantly increase Surface Pro 5 battery life expectancy. Last but not least, Microsoft will surely equip Surface Pro 5 with the latest USB Type-C ports which will ensure faster transfer times.

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