Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro – J.D. Power Gives it to Microsoft

Microsoft and Apple have been at each other for a couple of years now. The war between the two companies has recently expanded in their hybrid tablet departments as well. Obviously we are speaking about the highly popular Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro debate. Fortunately for us and everyone, J.D. Power has decided to step in and clear this debate once and for all.

J.D. Power Consumer Score

J.D. Power has been leading the U.S. Tablet Satisfaction Study for over six years already and the company’s input on this matter is very important. According to J.D. Power, Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 is better than iPad Pro when it comes to customer satisfaction. Surface Pro 4 scored 855 out of 1000 points while Apple’ iPad Pro scored 849. The difference is not that big, but it’s there nonetheless.

Jeff Conklin who is the J.D. Power’s Vice President of Service Industries has stated the following in regards to the Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro competition “”. He also added the following “These tablet devices are just as capable as many laptops, yet they can The Microsoft Surface platform has expanded what tablets can do, and it sets the bar for customer satisfaction still function as standard tablets”.

Wining Features

The main reason why Surface Pro 4 was able to outperform iPad Pro in J.D. Power’s test is because it has been fitted with an incredible display, size and appearance. The hybrid tablet has also been equipped with premium hardware parts such as 4GB, 8GB and 16GB of RAM while iPad Pro uses only 4GB of RAM. Surface Pro 4 is also more impressive in the storage department featuring 256GB and 512GB of on-board storage which is quite large in comparison with iPad Pro that only comes with 32GB and 128GB.

Operating System

Obviously the biggest difference between these tablets has to be their operating system. Surface Pro 4’s Windows 10 has been carefully optimized so that it fits the user’s needs better than iPad Pro’s iOS 9.1 is able to do. In the end, Surface Pro 4’s Core M3, Core i5 and Core i7 chipsets are also giving it an edge in the comparison.

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