Sony Xperia XZ – Is it Worth your Time?

Sony is mainly known for being the company that’s directly in charge of PS4. However, Sony is a much larger company and its reach expands to different industries from smartphones to TVs. In fact, the Japanese tech giant has been struggling to have success in the smartphone market. Sony keeps on launching high-end smartphones and this means that its devices are more than often faced against the likes of Apple and Samsung.

Even though Sony’s smartphones are equipped with impressive hardware specs, they lack the brand recognition that Samsung and Apple’s devices benefit from. The latest smartphone to come out from Sony is Xperia XZ. The latter holds the title as being Sony’s flagship which means that it’s more than capable of competing against Apple and Samsung. Nonetheless, today we’re going to closely inspect that Xperia XZ has to offer in order to see if it’s worthy of holding the title of being a flagship smartphone.


Xperia XZ has been fitted with a 5.2 inch display that covers 70.9 percent of its front surface. The display uses IPS LCD technology and it offers a full HD pixel resolution (1080 x 1920). In addition, Xperia XZ’s panel has been coated in Corning Gorilla Glass which increases its scratch and crack resistance. Last but not least, Xperia XZ is able to support multitouch of up to ten fingers.

Hardware Internals

Hardware power is what differentiates great smartphones from average ones. If we take a look under Xperia XZ’s hood we can see that it’s powered by Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon 820 CPU. The processor clocks at 2.15GHz Kyro and it has also been coupled with an Adreno 540 graphics processing unit and 3GB of RAM.


Sony’s Xperia XZ is definitely worthy of holding the title as being the company’s flagship device. The smartphone offers extraordinary hardware performances for a rather affordable price of $649 in comparison with how expensive Galaxy S8 and iPhone 7 are. In the end, all that Sony has to do in order to be more successful is to invest more money on brand advertising.

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