Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Not Feature Bixby the Voice Assistant

Samsung didn’t think that Galaxy S8’s innovative looking Infinity display was enough to make the smartphone appealing towards customers and decided to equip the device with its own-made personal assistant, Bixby. With the addition of Bixby, Samsung’s smartphones are finally going to be up to par with the likes of Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant. However, things are not going according to plan since Galaxy S8 will not support Bixby at first.

Bixby Won’t Support Voice Commands

Galaxy S8’s entire marketing campaign revolved around the fact that Samsung is innovating the smartphone world and that Bixby is going to significantly enhance Galaxy S8’s user experience. Well, Bixby will definitely enhance user experiences but not right from the start. Samsung recently announced that Bixby will not be able to respond to vocal commands until “later this spring”.

Bixby Vision

In order to make Bixby truly special, Samsung has decided to develop a special feature for it that’s been called “Vision”. The feature is basically a tool that’s able to identify and perform web searches for different real life objects. All of this is performed through Galaxy S8’s 12MP rear camera. Let’s just hope that Bixby Vision is going to be worth the wait.


Apple and Google definitely felt threatened when Samsung first started mentioning Bixby. Fortunately for them, they still have room to breathe for a while since Bixby is not available yet. Samsung didn’t disclose why Bixby will not be available right from the start. The main speculations are saying that Bixby still needs further development in order to be near flawless and to not present any bugs.

We should mention that even though Bixby was present in all of Galaxy S8’s commercials but Samsung didn’t advertise the personal assistant as a direct competition towards Siri or Google Assistant. The reason why Samsung retained from making such a statement is because both Apple and Google have had years to tinker on their personal assistants and both of them are surely better optimized than Bixby. However, Samsung is going to make up for the lost time once Bixby is out.

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