Samsung Galaxy Note 7 To Feature Display Embedded Fingerprint sensor

After a long time of anticipation Samsung has finally unveiled Galaxy S8. The smartphone has been well received by the entire world and everyone started pre-ordering it. One of the reasons why Galaxy S8 is already so successful is because it features an innovative design that’s been fitted with a smooth looking edge-to-edge display. The only criticism that Samsung received regarding Galaxy S8’ design is that the fingerprint scanner is quite hard to access.

Fingerprint Sensor

According to rumors, Samsung actually had an even more different looking design planned for Galaxy S8 but it decided to not implement it. Even though Samsung delayed Galaxy S8’s launch, pictures of the smartphone started leaking on the internet.

The leaked pictures showed that Galaxy S8 hasn’t been equipped with the classic physical home button and everyone believed that Samsung has installed a fingerprint scanner under the innovative display instead. Well as everyone knows by now, Samsung decided to place the fingerprint scanner on the rear side of the device.

What’s interesting is that Samsung’s official have confirmed that Galaxy S8 was supposed to ship with a fingerprint sensor that’s embedded beneath the display but things didn’t go as planned. The South Korean tech giant collaborated with Synaptics in order to develop the necessary technology, but in the end Samsung decided to delay this feature. The reason behind this decision is that Samsung needed the fingerprint sensor to work flawlessly in order to be used for features such as Samsung Pay and others.

Galaxy Note 8

Now that Galaxy S8 is out, everyone is looking towards Galaxy Note 8’s release date. Rumor has it that Samsung will use the special fingerprint sensor technology on the upcoming Galaxy Note 8. Therefore, Samsung’s phablet is going to be the device to feature a display fingerprint sensor.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone but Samsung is doing its best in order to make Galaxy Note 8 appealing towards customers. As everyone remembers, last year’s Galaxy Note 7 presented a major flaw in its design that caused Samsung to recall all of the sold units and payback its customers. With that being said, we can be sure that Galaxy Note 8 will be bundled with exclusive features.

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