RUMOR: Windows 8 To Bring Time Machine-esque Feature

Anyone who uses a Mac (including me) will tell you about the plain awesomeness of an inbuilt backup feature called Time Machine. Essentially, it backs up your entire computer’s contents to a selected hard drive every time you plug it in, and incorporates any changes that have taken place since the last time. Sounds boring, right? However, the beauty (and quite frankly, magic) of the whole thing is that it allows you to almost literally go back in time and retrieve any data that you might have accidentally or inadvertently lost! How about that huh?

So naturally, we were brimming with excitement when we heard from Winrumors that Windows 8 will be bringing a similar feature to rival that of Apple. Apparently, the feature will be called “History Vault”.

I have to confess amazement at the fact that its taken Microsoft so long to copy another great feature from Apple. Nonetheless, it will certainly enhance users’ experience and bring a certain awesomeness to an otherwise mundane task. Hit up the source link for more details and a picture too.

2 thoughts on “RUMOR: Windows 8 To Bring Time Machine-esque Feature”

  1. Does windows 8 also boring microsoft?Everybody needs to know what’s this all about.

                                                              BY: windows 8

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