Renegade Racing: A Crazy and Colorful Game

By Guest / April 23, 2013 / Gaming
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Flash games are very popular because of their stylish designs and easy to play platforms. They are also excellent for passing the time away if you have a mobile. If you want a really crazy and colorful game, Renegade Racing can deliver.

About the Developers

Stickleback Games is the developer for Renegade Racing with Not Doppler being the game’s sponsor. They have a variety of games available for people to play and share on their websites (such as Playberry Games), although Renegade Racing is their newest venture after Leila and the Magic Ball (released in November, 2012).

On their website, Stickleback Games offers a variety of games in the following categories:

  • Featured
  • Bike
  • Car
  • Physics
  • Platform
  • Puzzle & Skill
  • Racing
  • Shooting
  • Sports
  • Strategy
  • Tower Defense

How to Play

The controls for Renegade Racing are:

  • [Arrow] keys or [WASD] to control
  • [W] or [up] to accelerate
  • [S] or [down] to brake
  • [A/D] or [left/right] to tilt the car forward or backward
  • [X] or [spacebar] to jump

The goal of Renegade Racing is to drive your car (with 12 altogether to choose from) to the end as quickly as possible, although this is not the only objective. The game also has various secondary objectives that must be completed as well to help keep you engaged even longer. In fact, completing the secondary objectives can unlock certain new vehicles for your enjoyment.

When you perform stunts like wheelies or flips, you contribute to the Turbo Bar. Once the Turbo Bar is filled, you will automatically experience a burst of speed to help you blast through the course. Additionally, winning races (18 in all) and collecting coins will allow you to perform better by unlocking new upgrades.

What People Have to Say

Overall, since its release in February, 2013, many users seem to enjoy Renegade Racing because of its fast paced gameplay and colorful environment. Many of the reviews for this game are positive with very few complaints. However, some reviewers have compared the game to another game known as CycloManiacs. The reviews tend to point out how Renegade Racing is very similar in style and features to CycloManiacs. Luckily, if you are a big fan of CycloManiacs, then Renegade Racing will likely become a favorite as well. In fact, some players claim that Renegade Racing is actually easier.

Hints and Tips

To help get you past the trickier levels, here are some tips shared by players:

  • In the final level, reverse on the starting line to find 4 coins
  • The “Renegade Routemaster” achievement can be accomplished by skipping the loop to gain more time
  • “Green Light” missions can be accomplished by reversing and going past the lights when they are green (each time will count)

Ultimately, if you are looking for a fun online game to play, Renegade Racing’s crazy and colorful environment and gameplay is sure to please.

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