OTC Encore Receives Major Bravo 2.9 Operating System Update

OTC Encore is the most popular car diagnostic tool available on the market right now. What makes OTC Encore so popular is the fact that it runs on an Android based operating system which receives constant OTA (over the air) updates. In fact, the reason we are talking about OTC Encore today is because it has recently started receiving a Bravo 2.9 which is the latest update to come from OTC.

Bravo 2.9

This update is kind of a major one because it doesn’t only include bug fixes, tweaks and enhancements. Bravo 2.9 brings a handful of useful features with it which will improve OTC Encore’s diagnosis capabilities alongside vehicle coverage. In short, OTC Encore users should be happy to know that their diagnostic tool will now feature coverage for 656 new systems and the whopping number of 2,240 new vehicle ECU combinations.

Saved Files Features

OTC Encore will now feature the option to “View Saved Tests” which gives users the ability to edit, share and save previous tests. Additionally, OTC Encore users will also be able to retrieve freeze frames in both French and Spanish language options.

The VIN entry screen has not been forgotten because Bravo 2.9 will also enhance it. The biggest change that users will be able to see is that the VIN entry screen will only permit for the input of valid characters. That’s not all, the auto text suggestion feature has been disabled which means that mechanics will be able to manually pick which data items they wish to load.

Notable Specs

Even though the device’s operating system is one of its key selling points, its hardware is quite impressive as well. First off, we need to also mention that OTC Encore ships with a touchscreen display and with smooth rubber grips. Now onto the device specs.

OTC Encore features a rather large on-board storage space of 8 GB. While the internal storage memory cannot be expanded any further, it’s still more enough. The device has been equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that’s able to last for hours on end and it is also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled.

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