OS X 10.11 El Capitan vs. Windows 10 – The Ultimate Battle Between Apple And Microsoft

OS X 10.11 El Capitan vs. Windows 10

Microsoft had a great comeback in 2015 and all users who were disappointed of Windows 8 were pleased that Windows 10 brought back the Start Menu and that it’s more customizable, but they were also excited about the new Edge browser with Cortana integration. A few months later, Apple has made it move and brought El Capitan, with improvements to Safari and other core features. Below, we’ll compare the two rival operating systems, focusing on the changes they came with.

Safari Allows Users To Pin Tabs

El Capitan users can easily access tabs by pinning them in Safari. They can do this by right clicking on a tab in order to create a pinned tab and to pinning a tab can be done by dragging it to the left. On the other hand, Microsoft has replaced its Internet Explorer browser with Edge, which uses Cortana as a search assistant; it creates a Reading List” for people who are too busy to check a website and want to do it later; it allows users to doodle directly on a webpage or to pin it to the Start Menu.

Split Screen

This is one of the new features in El Capitan and it allows users to run two applications at the same time, side by side, on the screen. For example, they can browse with safari into full screen mode, then split the screen with another application. Windows 10 allows users can snap applications to any of the four corners, by dragging the title bar to the edge of the screen.

Metal For Mac

Apple hasn’t focused on gaming, although its Macs have powerful hardware, but last year, it included in El Capitan a new graphics API called Metal that was introduced in iOS 8, as well. This new technology improves device performance and reduces driver overhead, being similar to DirectX 12. Microsoft has added Xbox app in Windows 10, allowing Xbox One owners to stream games to their computers.

Improvements To Notes, Spotlight And Maps

Notes app has been revamped and now it allows images, videos, links and checklists to be synced across all iDevices seamlessly, via iCloud. Spotlight is more efficient and finds results about documents written by the users about a certain subject, on a certain date, even if they don’t remember the name of the document. As for Maps, now it offers public transport information.

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