Nintendo NX Rumored To Be Released In E3, Output 4k

Nintendo NX

More leaks are surfacing on the internet, revealing new information about Nintendo’s new console. There are many discussions on Reddit, where users are posting a lot of interesting stuff and they’re saying that the Nintendo NX will run on x86 architecture, will play current-gen ports games on a second screen, an even in 4k resolution.

None of these leaks have been confirmed by Nintendo and it’s best to take them with a bit of salt. However, this isn’t the first time when speculation revolves around a 4k resolution, as this concept is not new, and this dream might actually come to life.

At this moment, there are 4k resolutions used in digital television and digital cinematography, but over time, it will be given less importance, as the industry will mature. Nintendo had some problems with its consoles, especially with its Wii, which couldn’t handle multiplatform titles because it wasn’t able to hang graphically, then Wii U lacked third party support.

Nintendo is trying its luck once again, as certainly it has learned from its mistakes, and it assures its fans that the next console will support multiplatform games as the PS4 and Xbox One, even 4k variants.

Nintendo really needs to release a console that is 4k and with a x86 architecture, even if that would mean to sell it for a higher price. This way, the 4k NX will compete with Sony’s PlayStation 4k, which could be announced before the launch of the PlayStation VR. Japanese game designers Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka created a game especially for Nintendo Systems, called The Legend of Zelda, with plenty fantasy and action and without a doubt, it will be available for NX, as well.

Another thing that you should expect from NX is that it will back up data to the cloud.

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