Nexus 6P New Hopes – To Be Revived?

According to the latest details about the Nexus 6P, we might even see a revival of this Nexus brand in the days to come. It was even tested in the Android O previews, and for this reason, people think that it’s going to be one of the best phones in the series. Moreover, fans believe in its chances to success and even to defeat the Google Pixel, after its countless struggles to maintain its popularity.

Is There Hope?

PC-Tablet published an article showing a couple of reasons why Google would not choose to retire this much appreciated device. According to the latest update, we could spot in the Android O preview some changes: a more attractive look, a new interface for the battery, a new Settings menu and a Sleep menu.

Along with the rollout of the Android O preview for the Nexus 6P, the company showed that both Pixel and Nexus 6P devices have switched from the in-kernel FUSE to the SDCardFS option on the new mobile OS. Of course, most of the changes are found under the hood. This important change could mean that on these phones, Google is going to cut down on the I/O overhead when it comes to operations performance on external storage.

Moreover, it represents a huge leap for the Nexus 6P, since this upgrade was not included in the Android Nougat update. At the same time, it seems that Google Pixel is having a hard time trying to get as many customers, since more and more people come back to Nexus 6P, and this despite the tech giant’s efforts of marketing it as being made by Google.

Briefly, one of the reason why Google Pixel might be losing its popularity is the fact that it has a high price, of $650 for a base model, while the Nexus 6P starts at $499.

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