Nexus 5X’s RAM can be Upgraded to 4GB for $60

Nexus 5X is an overall high-end smartphone, but it does present a few design flaws. As many might already know, Nexus 5X is affected by the highly annoying bootloop mode. This mode is basically a hardware malfunction which powers down the smartphone even though it might have 50 percent of battery charge. The most annoying this about this mode though is the fact that it LG refuses to repair or replace the affected smartphones.

Bootloop Mode

Many consider the bootloop mode as actually being a threat to the owner’s security. Smartphones have become quite an essential aspect of our everyday lives as a result of the high amount of features they bring. For example, many use their smartphones in order to hail Uber taxis and not having access to a smartphone can get quite annoying. This is why Nexus 5X owners are more than often forced to appeal to third party repairshops.

Chinese Repairman

An XDA forum member that goes by “Cathair2906” reported that he was recently forced to send his smartphone in China in order to get it repaired. The fact that LG doesn’t take responsibility for this hardware malfunction is forcing Nexus 5X owners to repair their smartphones in foreign countries at their own expense. However, the reason why we are talking about the XDA member today is because the Chinese repairman didn’t only fix his smartphone, but he also upgraded its RAM memory to 4GB for $60 in total.

RAM Upgrade

We think it’s safe to say that “Cathair2906” got a better deal than anything that LG could have offered. He got rid of the bootloop mode and received a hardware upgrade at the same time. According to the XDA member, the smartphone runs smoother than ever and it operates on Google’s latest Android 7.1.1 Nougat which has been downloaded through an official OTA (over the air) channel.

LG Customer Services

The fact that LG is not taking responsibility for this hardware malfunction is going to cause customers to lose their trust in the company’s brand. If LG doesn’t start repairing or replacing malfunctioning Nexus 5X devices, its sales percentages are surely going to drop. In fact, a law firm from the US is actually proposing a class-action lawsuit against LG.

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