Nexus 5X RAM Memory Upgraded to 4GB for $60

The Nexus community is buzzing with enthusiasm sine the XDA forum member known as “cathair2906” announced that his Nexus 5X is capable of supporting 4GB of RAM. While Nexus smartphones are well known for being developer friendly devices as a result of their highly customizable Android operating system, no one was suspecting that their hardware can be altered as well. The way in which “cathair2906” managed to upgrade his RAM memory is quite simple, he sent his smartphone to a special repairmen in China.

Nexus 5X RAM Upgrade

As many might already know, Nexus 5X is infamous for going into the dreaded bootloop mode. The worst thing about this mode is that LG refuses to repair or replace malfunctioning devices.  This is what forced the XDA forum member to send his smartphone for repairs in China. In order to get rid of the bootloop mode, the repairman had to reflow the CPU which meant that he was also required to remove the RAM memory.

Considering the fact that the repairman had to work around the device’s RAM memory, he asked “cathair2906” if he would like him to upgrade it to 4GB, and the forum member said yes. The best thing about the RAM upgrade is that “cathair2906” was charged only $60 in total. However, the problem is that not everyone can upgrade their device’s RAM memory on their own. The required hardware parts are hard to find.

Upgrading Nexus 5X On Your Own is Practically Impossible

We can be sure that people think upgrading the RAM partition is a simple process. The reason we are saying this is because upgrading RAM in a PC is really simple. All that users are required to do is to pop up the case and slide in the new sticks. However, upgrading RAM on a smartphone is an entirely different story since smartphone parts have been permanently soldered in order to keep them small.

Now the only problem that remains is getting the required hardware parts. The reason why it is hard to find those parts is because manufacturers don’t sell them in sample numbers which means that they can only be bought in thousands.

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