Motors App makes it easy to find you a ride

The used car market is in transition. It may still seem normal to spend a Sunday afternoon walking around garage forecourts in search of your latest used car but in the age of the app and internet search engines attitudes are changing in the way we look for used cars.

The motors App available courtesy of, is a typically modern innovation which combines a consumer friendly search interface with a huge database of used cars.

There are currently over 150,000 cars available on the website and uniquely for a classified used car network, 9 out of 10 of these cars have been through a basic data check to ensure they’ve never been written off or stolen.
As the second biggest used car classified network in the UK is gradually becoming a name households across the UK will be familiar with, and its motors App is a natural and effective extension of its services.

The App came about because people wanted pieces of the internet and its informative capabilities packaged into instantly accessible specialized nuggets. The motors App is a prime example of an App that is purposeful and practical rather some of the slightly more frivolous offerings available. Most of us will dabble our feet in the used motors market at some point and this App could be invaluable.

The cars listed on the motors App are from a variety of resources including all of the orthodox channels: private sellers, local dealerships, national dealerships and car supermarkets.

Version 3.2 of the motors App is available on gadgets with iOS 3.0 or later such as the iPhone, iPad or the iPod touch. It is free and consists of 3.3Mb of info.

The motors App allows you to methodically build a shortlist of your favorite views and search criteria are refined without being overly elaborate or convoluted.

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