Minecraft Power Rangers DLC Update Available with Changes

When Minecraft was released, nobody has thought that the game will turn out to be so popular. However, it didn’t take long for it to become one of the most played games on all platforms (mobile, desktop or even consoles).

This is the reason why Microsoft has made an offer of $2.5 billion for purchasing Mojang, a developer company that owns Minecraft. Many players were concerned about this purchase, because they’ve thought that the American multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington, will stop releasing updates for the Minecraft game on rival platforms. However, Microsoft has reacted very fast and has assured the players that they will keep updating the Minecraft game on all platform, a thing that indeed.

Anyway, today we will talk about the latest skin pack that has just been released for Minecraft. If you’ve enjoyed watching “Power Rangers”, a very popular TV series, then you will surely enjoy this new skin pack. As you’ve probably already guessed, the new skin pack comes with all the five main Power Rangers. In addition, the skin pack also contains skins for the negative characters, such as: Bulk, Skull and Rita Repulsa.

The Power Rangers Skin Pack for Minecraft is available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Windows 10 and mobile, for $3. The skin pack has only 10.09MB, which means that it will not take too long to download and install it on your device. Once you install the skin pack, you will have access to the new 8 skins.

We remind you that some previous skin packs that have been released on Minecraft from movies and TV series are: Doctor Who, The Simpsons, Marvel’s Spiderman, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars and Halo

Are you playing Minecraft on your console, mobile device or computer? Tell us your thoughts about the latest Skin Pack that was just released for the game!

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