Minecraft 3D Printing Used To Teach Students Basic Coding

Minecraft 3D

It seems that Microsoft Japan has finally decided to use Minecraft 3D Printing in order to teach students basic coding. Microsoft Japan has teamed up with Kabuku, a Japanese 3D printing service for a pilot tutorial project, which will introduce students to some basic coding concepts, using elements from Minecraft. Those who are playing this game are familiar with building constructions out of textured cubes in a 3D world.

This pilot program is a test case for the Information and Communications Technology Dream School Council of The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan.

The new course is named Digital House Making and it is offered to the 6th graders from the Sarugaku Elementary School in Tokyo. Each student will have ten sessions and each session lasts 45 minutes. The students will need to design and build their own structure or house and then have it 3D printed for them.

In order to encourage students to learn more about the basic coding and 3D printing technology, it has been used the well known Minecraft game. The goal of this project is to help young students to learn new skills and make lessons more interesting for them, so they will wish to continue with the programming lessons.

Kabuku has integrated the Rinkak Avatar 3D printing app into the Minecraft game in order to help students to print their 3D buildings. Using the Rinkak Avatar 3D printing application, the students will be able to 3D print the structures that they’ve created in the Minecraft game. When the Kabuku 3D app finishes printing the structures, they are sent to the classroom so that the students can continue their cording and 3D printing technology lessons.

Do you think that the Minecraft 3D Printing will make coding lessons more interesting for the students? Tell us your thoughts about this way of learning basic coding!

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