Microsoft Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14332 Available for PC and Mobile Devices

Microsoft Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14332 Available for PC and Mobile Devices

Insiders in the Fast ring are helping Microsoft to get rid of all bugs in the OS in order to make sure that the Anniversary Update will run flawlessly when it will be released in July. Microsoft has released Build 14332 for PC and mobile devices, containing fixes, improvements and new features, which is the start of the Bug Bash.

For starters, Microsoft brought some tweaks to Bash on Ubuntu on Windows, solving networking issues that prevented tools from accessing the internet, while the Command Prompt offers better windows scaling on PCs with high-DPI displays. The font selection has been improved the background color painting has been enhanced etc.

According to the change log, here are some of the bugs that have been fixed for PC:

– some PC were blue-screening when entering Connected Standby, after they updated to the latest build from the Development Branch;

– large downloads were stuck at 99 percent completion in Microsoft Edge;

– users weren’t able to drag and drop to recorder their favorites on the Favorites Bar;

– Groove Music was crashing on launch at the splash screen;

– when adding a song to Groove Music’s Now Playing list, the current song stopped playing and started over;

– PCs weren’t able to downgrade back to a previous Insider Preview build via “Go back to an earlier build” from Settings > Update & security > Recovery, if the BitLocker/Device Encryption was enabled;

– the battery icon in the notification area wasn’t displaying correctly after a DPI change;

– the Game Bar didn’t appear if the DPI was changed from 150 percent to 100 percent;

– tiles on the Start menu might were flashing at the wrong size after exiting tablet mode;

– where clicking on the “X” button on a window in Task View, the thumbnail was removed, but the title and X button remained;

– content of some notifications wasn’t expanded in the Action Center because it was too long;

– users weren’t able to open Windows Defender from the Settings app;

– the Settings app was crashing if users tried to pin a settings page to Start.

– more.

Some of the bugs that have been fixed for Mobile devices include:

– Camera app wasn’t launching when pressing and holding on the Camera Quick Action in Action Center;

– Lumia 435, 532, 535 and 540 had a bug that prevented users from taking photos with the Camera app;

– typed text was invisible in Cortana when the operating system was set to light mode in Settings > Personalization > Colors.

– some words in the Italian keyboard where not getting auto-capitalized after a comma;

–  when pulling the headphones out to answer a call, after the call ended, the music was playing out loud;

– some users weren’t able to rename their devices;

– the Lock screen quick status numbers were appearing drawn under the navigation bar.

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