Microsoft Silently Launches the Zune Marketplace in India

Although it is been very late, it is finally here. Microsoft has launched their Zune Marketplace in India. This will open up another big market for developers working with Windows Phone 7.

The Marketplace is now live in the country and users can now make payments in Indian rupees. However, Microsoft is yet to make an official announcement about this update. This has been a very silent update from the guys so it might be possible that they are currently testing it, before announcing it with the necessary changes. However, Zune pass is yet not available in the country and users can only access the application store and make payments in local currency.

Also, it is needless to say that Microsoft has to get the Zune Marketplace up and running in India before Nokia start shipping its devices. Although currently there are just a few Windows Phone 7 devices available in the market, but we expect that it would be a very different scenario next year at about the same time.


3 thoughts on “Microsoft Silently Launches the Zune Marketplace in India”

  1. i am using a HTC HD7. i tried to open marketplace via phone and it still says marketplace not available in your country/region

  2. Funny thing is that if you talk or chat with anyone in Microsoft in India Help line they all are unaware of this so called launch. I have the Zune marketplace appearing & disappearing in my PC from where I have loaded the apps for my WP7 phone in India.
    It is not funny to interact with MS helplines who toss you around only to say they really cannot help on why the WP7 cannot directly download from marketplace the same apps which I can do through Zune marketplace. It is not that MS will give it all free from Zune or directly through WP7 handset so why this charade. If they can accept money for the Apps through Zune then WP7 should automatically qualify for the same since they are tied up through the Windows Live ID. God forbid if you have to Hard reset your WP7 Handset because then all your data & the apps are gone as WP7 has no data & apps back up solution offered anywhere. All previous WM versions had a simpe interface on Windows platform to back up data software etc. but the WP7 is a nightmare for all those countries that MS looks down upon as potential markets or why would they give selective access to marketplace to the developed world & leave the others to struggle. MS is selling the WP7 all over the world with no clear information to customers on where the WP7 will work fully functional where it won’t before the sales. If you check all the promotional material on WP7 nowhere it mentions limited marketplace access for Apps which is supposedly the WP7 USP.

  3. The marketplace is working from the laptop but still not opening on the WP7 device….is there an issue and how to sort it out??

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