iPad Pro is Better Than a Laptop with Its Hardware

Earlier this month, the tech giant released a few ads focusing on the Apple Pencil combined with the iPad Pro as a revolutionary new way of taking notes. Besides that, the ad also showed how easy and convenient it is to own an iPad Pro, which can be used to replace scanners, pads of paper and even laptops. And now, the three latest ads released by the company focus on showcasing exactly how an iPad Pro is better than a laptop.

Why Is an iPad Pro Better than a Laptop?

The question of everyone’s lips naturally will be: exactly how is an iPad Pro better than a laptop? The three videos venture to answer it by using Tweets to illustrate various customer opinions. For instance, the first video shows a Tweet of a user complaining about the weight of their laptop, and the solution naturally would be to get an iPad Pro, which can do all the same things as a laptop and even more, and still be light as a feather.

The second video follows the concept of how to optimize your school work on your iPad, and it’s called “All your school stuff” (quite the fitting name, actually). The video displays a tweet of a student complaining about not being able to do their schoolwork adequately in their dorm room. Apple thus comes to the rescue through the versatile iPad Pro, which can be used to write assignments, do projects, and hold any sort of textbook or notebook. The moral of the story is is that, with an iPad, you can study anywhere.

The third and final video caters to a very common issue most laptop users encounter and constantly complain about, namely batter life. This time, the tweet features a user that had the unfortunate experience of their laptop battery dying mid-flight, leaving them stranded on an island of boredom. However, according to the ad, an iPad’s battery can last an entire day, so there’s no risk of it running out in the middle of any activity.

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