iPad Pro 9.7 inch vs iPad 9.7 inch 2017 – How Well Do They Fare Against Each Other?

It seems that Apple has decided to broaden its iPad range this year. The Cupertino based tech giant recently launched a brand new 9.7 inch tablet that’s been simply named as iPad but that’s not all. Apple is also expected to refresh its iPad Pro hybrid tablet offering this year. This year’s 9.7 inch iPad is the cheapest Apple tablet ever made and it has been well received by customers.

The only issue with Apple’s latest tablet is that customers associate its cheap $329 price with low quality. We can safely say that this isn’t the case. Even though its price is quite low, the tablet still represents the iPad brand which means that it’s equipped with impressive hardware and a sleek design. In order to give interested customers some insight to the tablet’s capabilities we will compare it against Apple’s high-end iPad Pro. The latter is the best that Apple has to offer and it will be quite interesting to see how the new iPad fares against it.


iPad Pro is powered by Apple’s own made dual-core A9X processor. The chipset is very impressive clocking in at 2.16GHz (Twister). Apple has also paired the device’s processor with a PowerVR Series 7 12-core graphics processing unit and 2GB of RAM.

Now let’s see what the new iPad has to offer when it comes to hardware power. The tablet is fueled by Apple’s dual-core A9 chipset. The processor has been clocked at 1.84GHz (Twister) and it is coupled with a PowerVR GT7600 six-core graphics processing unit and 2GB of RAM.

Relating storage space, iPad Pro ships in the 32GB, 128GB and 256GB variants. The new tablet only ships in the 32GB and 128GB storage space models. Obviously since these are Apple tablets, they do not ship with microSD support.


iPad Pro is the superior device but this was to be expected since it has been priced at $682. In order to make the new tablet affordable, Apple had to compromise when it came to hardware power. However, iPad’s hardware is nothing to be overlooked since it’s more than capable of providing users with stable performances under any circumstances.

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