iPad 4th Generation vs. iPad Air 2 – Are the Rumors True?

Apple’s iPad 4 service replacement with the iPad Air 2 is not exactly a universal policy, but it seems to be allowed in low-stock conditions.

Despite some controversial reports, the is no official Apple policy that mandates that the iPad 4 owners who arrive into Apple Retail for service should receive an iPad Air 2 for the cost of that service. On the other hand, it seems that for some time now, some stores have been allowed to make such a swap, if they have no service stock.

A week ago, reports have started circulating about an Apple-wide policy stating that the older iPads that come in for service must be replaced with iPad Air 2 repair stock. But, according to AppleInsider, this is not fresh news, nor totally accurate.

Guidance promulgated in the last month noted a decline in the amount of iPad 4 stock, but such a thing doesn’t necessarily require the exchange for iPad Air 2. It’s up to every store manager if they decide to replace an iPad 4 with another in-stock iPad 4, iPad Air, or an iPad Air 2. In some very rare cases they can also replace it with the 2017 iPad.

There was a spot check of 20 Apple Retail store Genius Bars over the last few days, and it showed that there seems to be an adequate supply of the iPad 4 in all stores. But on the other hand, some sources from inside the stores have mentioned that iPad 4 service units arrive in “fits and spurts” after depletion.

For at least 20 years, Apple has been upgrading the customers’ orders or service replacement, if the customers had to wait too long due to a lack of stock, and they didn’t get their long-awaited device.

Apple charges $299 for repairing your screen or for other repairs on the iPad 4 that are out of warranty. For a new battery you have to pay $99.

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