iPad (2017) vs iPad Pro – Which One Should You Pick?

Apple has made available a wide range of tablets to its customers. In fact, Apple recently introduced a brand new 9.7 inch iPad. The new tablet took everyone by surprise, especially since its quite affordable being priced at $329. Now that Apple’s tablet lineup has gotten bigger, customers are never sure which device they should acquire. Worry no more, today we’re going to present Apple’s most popular tablets and showcase all their most important features so that customers can tell which one fits their needs the most.

iPad (2017)

As previously mentioned, this device is quite affordable. Therefore this is the best option for Apple fans that are looking for a budget pick. Even though the tablet has been equipped with a small price tag, its hardware power is nothing to be overlooked.

Apple has made sure that iPad (2017) is more than capable of providing users with impressive performances under any circumstances. The tablet is powered by Apple’s own A9 chipset that’s been paired with a high resolution Retina display.

iPad Pro

This tablet has been specially created in order to appeal to power users. However, it does come with a quite expensive price tag in comparison with the new iPad. Nonetheless, iPad Pro excels when it comes to hardware power. The tablet is fueled by the A9X chipset which is considered as being the best chipset that Apple has ever created.

The display features a high resolution and TrueTone technology which makes reading experiences so much more immersive because the display auto adjusts its color levels so that it fits with the user’s environment. We should also mention that iPad Pro is bundled with the pressure sensitive Apple Pencil stylus. In addition, iPad Pro also supports different keyboard cases.

Final Words

We decided to only go over Apple’s top two tablets. Apple also offers the Mini and Air tablets but they are kind of outdated. For example, Mini 4 is powered by an A8 processor that’s not even capable of running smooth in the Split View mode. Therefore, we advise interested customers to pick between Apple’s latest iPad (2017) or iPad Pro offerings.

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