iOS 9.3 and iOS 9.3.1 – What Features Do They Bring?

iOS 9.3.1 Features

Apple has been beta testing iOS 9.3 for almost three months, but when it was released, this update brought a bug that caused applications to crash when tapping on a web link. Then days later, on March 31, was brought iOS 9.3.1 with a fix for this bug. If you haven’t upgraded your iPhone or iPad yet, here are the new features that are expecting you in iOS 9.3/9.3.1.

Night Shift

iPhone users will find this feature very useful, because they will no longer have trouble falling asleep, because the screen colors will become warmer, less blue, and your eyes will no longer feel tired. This mode will be activated based on your location and clock – when the sun comes down, and the screen colors are adjusted to normal in the morning.

iOS 9.3 Encryption in iCloud

As you know, Apple is in a direct war with FBI over the encyption on an iPhone belonging to one of the shooters involved in the San Bernardino attacks, but this didn’t stop developers from adding iCloud encryption, using the passcode with which you’re unlocking your iPhone.

Verizon WiFi Calling

Previous iOS 9 versions were supporting WiFi calling on T-Mobile, Sprint and AT&T, and now, Verizon subscribers are able to make calls and send text messages when there’s no signal or coverage, but there’s a wireless network nearby.

New 3D Touch Quick Actions

By pressing harder on the screen, you can trigger peek and pop gestures with the 3D Touch feature that was added to the latest iPhone 6S/6S Plus. You can access different options and shortcuts directly from the home screen and iOS 9.3 has brought extra quick actions. By using use 3D Touch on the Settings application, you’ll jump directly to Battery, WiFi and Bluetooth settings, while the Set Wallpaper quick action has been removed.

Private iPhone Notes

In iOS 9.3, you have the possibility to lock down your private notes and unlock them with a password or a fingerprint. Also, your notes will be sorted by date created, date modified and alphabetically, so you can easily find them.

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