iOS 9.3.1 Update Prevents WhatsApp Users From Sending And Receiving Videos

iOS 9.3.1 Update

Two days ago, Apple has released iOS 9.3.1 with a fix for the web link crashing bug, but it seems that this update brought another problem, and it affects WhatsApp users, because when they send a video to a contact, there are high chances that the recipient won’t be able to download it.

iOS users were happy that Apple has fixed the bug which was causing applications to crash when tapping links , but their joy didn’t last too long, because iOS 9.3.1 brought its own issues. So, when tapping a video received from a WhatsApp friend, the application was crashing, at the same time showing this message: “Couldn’t download video. Try turning off Wi-Fi or VPN, or connecting to a different Wi-Fi network.”

The users have tried to turn off WiFi or to switch to 3G or 4G, but they experienced the same error. Even if a VPN connection isn’t active when the error message is displayed, connecting to another WiFi network isn’t doing anything to correct the problem.

However, it seems that not all iPhones have this issue, because there were users who tested video sharing between an iPhone and an Android device, and everything went well, videos were downloaded very fast, without getting any error message.

There were other complaints about WhatsApp, not running perfectly in iOS 9.3 and the users said that they couldn’t share photos, regardless of the connection and the number of files. When they chose contacts to share photos, the application refused to start the transfer process. WhatsApp has released version 2.12.17 with a fix for the photo sharing problem and soon will be released a patch to correct the bug that affects videos, too.

It’s very frustrating, because on the sender’s phone, these videos appear as “received” and “read”, and the problem seems to start when trying to download the files.

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