iMac 2017 Update With Latest Internal Fefatures

We know for sure that all Apple fans are extremely curious to see the update for the iMac 2017. The Cupertino Company product hadn’t received an update in quite a while now. Moreover, Apple confirmed that they will be working on the new iMacs and we should receive official details soon enough. However, for now we have to do what we can with the rumors.

Display Features

One of the main rumors is the fact that the iMac 2017 will have a premium 8K display. Yep, 4K is a thing of the past already, or at least this is what it seems from the rumors.

Internal Features

Rumor has it that the high-end iMac 2017 will run on the Intel Xeon E3-1285 V6 CPU. It will also come with 64 GB RAM, plus 2 TB internal storage.


Regarding the graphics, people speculate that the iMac 2017 may change the tradition of the mobile-class GPU. According to one leak, the machine might present a desktop-class GPU for the high-end version.  Needless to say, everybody is curious to see how the new product will perform. And one more thing: under these circumstances, Apple will compete directly with the rest of the desktops found on the market.


From what it seems, the iMac 2017 will not present the Magic keyboard like we are accustomed. Instead of that, we may see a special new keyboard that will most likely include a Touch Bar. As such, people are glad to see a comeback of the beloved Touch Bar, which is particularly handy for people who work in creative fields.

According to the reports, the iMac will have the regular USB-C ports, together with the Lightning ones. The product should arrive sometime in the second half of this year, and everybody is curious to find out more!

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