Huawei Mate 9 Spotted Running on Android 8.0 Developer Preview Build

Even though only three weeks have passed since Android 8.0 developer preview was announced, Huawei has already managed to get its hand on it. Usually, Nexus and Pixel smartphone owners are the only ones that get access to Google’s developer preview ahead of time because both smartphones are directly managed by Google. This time things have taken an unusual turn and Google decided to allow Huawei to start testing out Android 8.0 ahead of schedule.

Google Helping out OEMs

Google has made it a tradition to always launch its latest operating system updates to the smartphones that it directly manages. This way Google’s products seem more appealing towards customers than they already are. However, this left OEM companies such as Huawei behind in terms of updates and Google had an unfair advantage.

Huawei Receives Android 8.0 Ahead of Schedule

Considering the fact that Huawei has worked with Google in the past, no one should be surprised by the fact that Google has provided the Chinese tech manufacturer with the source code for Android 8.0 already. Huawei is not wasting any time because it has already been spotted working to update EMUI in order to benefit from all of Android 8.0’s features and tweaks. We should mention that the XDA Senior Member known as “duraaraa” was the first one to discover this.

Mate 9

It looks like Mate 9 has been chosen to be the first Huawei smartphone to run on Android 8.0. The new operating system will provide Mate 9 owners with a wide range of features which will make the smartphone’s user experience so much smoother than it already is. However, Android 8.0 is still a developer preview and it still presents a large number of bugs right now.

The Senior XDA Member managed to find out that Huawei’s Android 8.0 build includes a new files app and a couple of new developer options. In addition, he also found that the operating system comes in a limited number of language options but this will surely be changed along the way. Interested readers should keep in mind that this is a test build and this means that it won’t arrive to Mate 9 handsets any time soon. Huawei still needs a couple of months before it’s able to start rolling out the public version of it.

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