Google Pixel 2 Will Borrow a Trick from Galaxy S8’s Book

Smartphone retailers have been flooded with pre-orders for Samsung’s Galaxy S8 flagship device. The reason why the entire world is highly enthusiastic about Samsung’s smartphone is because of its innovative Infinity display. The smartphone ships with a smooth looking edge-to-edge display and we can be sure that Google is going to equip Pixel 2 with a similar looking panel.

Infinity Display

Considering the fact that LG has already installed a similar display on its smartphone that Apple is expected to do exactly the same, we can safely say that Pixel 2 is going to follow in the same path. We should also mention that Apple has ordered 70 million OLED displays from Samsung which means that iPhone 8 is definitely going to feature an Infinity display. The reason why this matters is because Google is practically forced to upgrade Pixel 2 as well.

LG Display

Reports from South Korea are showing that Google is already looking to invest $900 million in LG Display. If this proves to be true, Pixel 2 is going to have a steady supply of OLED displays. Even though we cannot be sure that LG Display is going to accept Google’s $900 investment, there aren’t any reasons to prompt LG not to. It’s kind of a win-win scenario for LG since even though it will increase the competition for LG G6, the company will still profit from Pixel 2 sells.

Pixel 2

Last year Google decided to prove to everyone that it’s capable of ruling the smartphone industry by itself and that it doesn’t require the help of Huawei, LG or Motorola. The Android parent launched the Pixel lineup in October of last year and it has been rather successful.

Pixel 2 is expected to be the most powerful Android smartphone ever made. The reason we are saying this is because Google is said to equip the smartphone with Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 chipset that’s going to be paired with 4GB or 6GB of RAM. Premium hardware alongside Google’s latest operating system updates seems to be the recipe for success since both Pixel and Pixel XL are selling really well.

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