Google Nexus and Pixel Fingerprint Gestures Support Started Malfunctioning

Pixel smartphones owners have been able to enjoy the fingerprint gestures support feature for a couple of months now. Fortunately, Google decided to provide Nexus 5X and 6P owners with the same feature and included it in Android 7.1.2 Nougat. However, things are not going according to plan. Numerous user reports are showcasing the fact that Android 7.1.2 Nougat has actually caused fingerprint gestures to malfunction on both Pixel and Nexus smartphones.

Fingerprint Gestures Support Malfunction

Google’s Product Forum has been flooded with complaints from Nexus and Pixel smartphone owners.  The Android parent quickly noticed that and opened a special thread which allows Nexus and Pixel owners to provide additional feedback so that Google is able to fix the issue through an OTA (over the air) software update.

It seems like Google’s decision to open a special thread was a wise one since this calmed down the Nexus and Pixel community. The fact that Google is paying close attention to this issue means that a fix is guaranteed. In addition, reports are showing that once Nexus and Pixel owners update their smartphone they are presented with the following error message “Fingerprint hardware not available”.


Considering that there is a large number of Pixel and Nexus smartphone owners, Google’s thread is already packed with solutions. Sadly, they do not work at all. Many have tried deleting their cache partition or booting the affected smartphone and nothing has worked. Additionally, some have even deleted their fingerprint scans and tried to add new ones but they were faced with the following message “Enrolment was not complete. Fingerprint enrolment didn’t work. Try again or use a different finger”.

Let’s just hope that Google is able to get to the end of it sooner than expected. This might not be some groundbreaking feature, but it does come in the “Android Package” and it should be there. Worth mentioning is that Google is known for promptitude which means that an OTA software should arrive during the upcoming weeks. Until then, all that Nexus and Pixel smartphone owners can do is to simply wait.

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