Google Nexus 7 Will be Available With Snapdragon 835 CPU and 4GB RAM

Hands down Nexus 7 is the most anticipated Android powered device of this year. It at all started a few months ago when Evan Blass who is a reputable leakster published the device’s entire specs list. The tablet was first expected to arrive in late 2016 but this didn’t happen since Google departed from Huawei who was supposed to manufacture the device. Now that 2017 is here, rumors about Nexus 7’s release date and specs started sparking once again.

Taimen Codename

Three device codenames have been recently spotted on Google’s Android Developer grid. The codenames are known as Taimen, Muskie and Walleye. The Android parent has confirmed that it will launch two Pixel smartphone this year and this leaves the third one to be Nexus 7. Therefore, we believe that Nexus 7 will arrive under the Taimen codename.


We have rounded up the most reoccurring rumors and speculations about Nexus 7’s specs and we’re going to present them right now. According to reports, Nexus 7 will become the most powerful Android tablet ever made. First off, the tablet will be powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 chipset. This is the most impressive mobile processor that’s available on the tech market right now.

In addition, Google is said to couple the tablet’s processor with 4GB of RAM. Even better, Nexus 7 will also be fitted with a rather large on-board storage space of 64GB. Google might also include microSD support which means that Nexus 7’s storage space can be expanded even further.


As its name implies, the tablet will ship with a 7 inch display. What’s interesting is that despite its relatively small display it will go against Apple’s latest 9.7 inch iPad. We can be sure that everyone is excited to see how well those two devices fare against each other. In addition, the tablet’s display is expected to feature a high resolution and large pixel density.


Huawei was set to be tablet’s manufacturer but the Chinese manufacturer didn’t see eye to eye with Google. Rumor has it that Google is actually in talks with HTC at the moment. This is highly plausible since HTC is also the company that produces Google’s Pixel smartphones.

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  1. If they do have the microSD slot I get one for sure. I always thought this was the only thing missing from any Nexus devices across the years.

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