Google Nexus 7 (2017) Will Arrive Sooner than Expected

Android fans have been pleading Google to launch a new Nexus tablet for a couple of years now. Well, it looks like fans are finally going to get what they want because according to rumors, Nexus 7 (2017) is already under works. The tablet was first expected to arrive throughout 2016, but Huawei who was supposedly going to manufacture it didn’t agree to Google’s terms. Now that 2017 is here, HTC is rumored to step in Huawei’s place and produce Nexus 7 (2017).

HTC over Huawei

As previously mentioned, Huawei was initially set to manufacturer Nexus 7 (2017). However, the Chinese tech giant had some problems with the terms that Google was imposing. The Android parent didn’t want Huawei to put its branding on the tablet and this didn’t seem like a good deal to Huawei. Fortunately, rumor has it that Google is in talks with HTC now. The fact that Google has chosen HTC to replace Huawei shouldn’t surprise anyone since HTC is actually the one who produces Google’s latest Pixel and Pixel XL.

Codename Leak

The reason why the entire Android community is buzzing with rumors about Nexus 7 (2017) is because three recent Google product names have been leaked and Nexus 7 (2017) is expected to be one of them. The three codenames are “Walleye”, “Muskie” and “Taimen”. The first two are said to be Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL while the third one is supposedly Nexus 7 (2017). In addition, these codename lakes are as official as they get since they were spotted on Google’s Android Open Source Program Gerrit.

Hardware Power

Non-Android fans are always wondering what is causing people to get so hyped about Nexus 7 (2017). Well, first of all the tablet will represent a pure Android experience and it will receive all of Google’s latest software updates. However, Nexus 7 (2017) is also expected to become the most powerful Android tablet ever made because it’s going to be powered by Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 835 CPU which will be coupled with around 6GB of RAM.

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  1. There has been absolutely no talk about a new 7 inch google tablet since May. I really need a new tablet and trying to hold out for Google’s. Is there still a chance that a new 7 inch tablet will come out in October? Thanks!

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