Google Nexus 6P Causes Law Firm to Start Class-Action Lawsuit

As many might already know, Google has collaborated with different tech manufacturers in the past in order to create Nexus devices. While all of Google’s Nexus devices are considered as premium products, it seems like the ones produced in collaboration with LG have been equipped with a flawed design. In fact, LG is being faced against a class-action lawsuit because Nexus 5X, G4, G5, V10 and V10 have been equipped with malfunctioning hardware which sends the smartphones into a bootloop mode.

LG Bootloop Lawsuit

A US based law firm has put in motion a lawsuit against LG because it’s malfunctioning hardware is making the affected aforementioned smartphones to be practically useless. Google’s Nexus 5X is also included in the list of affected smartphones and LG will have to come out with a solution. LG is expected to take responsibility over this issue and repair or replace affected smartphones once the class action lawsuit ends.

Nexus 6P Lawsuit

Even though Nexus 6P has not been produced by LG, it’s still being affected by the dreaded bootloop mode. Huawei and Google are also going to have to deal with the US based law firm that’s suing LG. Neither Google nor Huawei has taken responsibility for Nexus 6P’s issue, and owners of affected Nexus 6P devices are left with virtually useless phones.

Bootloop Defect

The hardware malfunction that’s causing Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P devices to become paper weights has been called the bootloop defect. What basically happens is that the smartphone randomly powers off even though it might over 60 percent of battery charge. The smartphone will not power on again and the only solution that smartphone owners have is to send the affected device to a repair shop, at their own expense.

LG is believed to have placed the processor in a wrong position on the motherboard. The reason why LG’s hardware design matters is because the processor quickly overheats and it automatically shuts down. Therefore, LG has to relocate the CPU, or just find a better cooling system.

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  1. THE BEST TO THE WORST PHONE. I am facing same issue with Nexus 6p. After lots of time battery drain and reboot, battery is swelling right now. I got the problem after the exact one month later of warranty. So, neither google nor huawei help me to solve this. Google and Huawei told me for paid service.

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