Google Nexus 6 Three Tips to Enhance Its Performance

Nexus 6 has one of the biggest fan bases in the Android community. Even though the smartphone is quite old, it’s stilling managing to strive despite its age. The best thing about Nexus 6 though is not its hardware parts but its endless amounts of possibilities. There is a bunch of tips and tricks that will enhance the overall Nexus 6 user experience to another level. Even better, the smartphone’s performance can be improved this way as well. Without any further ado, these are the best three tips and tricks for Nexus 6.

Smart Lock

Security should be everyone’s top priority these days. Google knows that too well and that’s why it included the Smart Lock feature in Android 5.0 Lollipop. The feature provides Nexus 6 owners with the ability to set up special parameters in where the smartphone will be unlocked. This way, the smartphone will always be unlocked in the owner’s room, but on the other hand it will stand locked in different areas such as the work place.

Guest Account

Smartphones are usually shared among friends or family members in order to show funny pictures or videos. However, sharing a smartphone is never advised since its memory might be filled with sensitive data such as private work files. This is where guest accounts come in. Setting up a guest account will allow Nexus 6 owners to share their smartphone with their friends, kids and so on. The best thing about the guest account is that its actions can be limited.

Wireless Charging

Many might not know this but Nexus 6 is able to support wireless charging pads such as Qi or the WoodPuck Bamboo Edition. Having a wireless charging pad by the office can be very useful since Nexus 6 owners can just leave their smartphone on the pad while they work and the smartphone’s battery will be fully charged all without cables. Additionally, Nexus 6 owners can always turbo charge their battery through the use of its micro USB port. All that’s required is a special turbo charger that’s able to provide 15W of power.

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