Google Nexus 5X Fingerprint Scanner Malfunction

One of the main reasons to why Nexus 5X became so popular is because it was among the first Android powered smartphones to ever ship with a fingerprint sensor. While this feature might not seem so ground-breaking now that ever flagship smartphone has it, back in 2015 it was very important. The sensor assured Nexus 5X owners of complete smartphone security and got rid of the 8-digit pin code which was always annoying to type in.

Malfunctioning Sensor

Even though Nexus 5X features a fingerprint sensor, it doesn’t function accordingly all the time. In fact, this is the reason we are talking about Nexus 5X today. Google’s Product Forum has shown us that there are Nexus 5X owners who are complaining about their malfunctioning sensor. The most annoying thing about this issue though, is the fact that it doesn’t even display an error message and it just doesn’t recognize the user’s fingerprint.

What’s Causing it?

Now that the public version of Android 7.1.2 Nougat has arrived, everyone started pointing their fingers towards it. This seems highly unlikely since Google’s latest operating system update was specially develop to enhance Nexus 5X’s performances. In addition, Android 7.1.2 Nougat has also brought fingerprint gestures support alongside it. This leaves the hardware as the main culprit.

As many might already know, Nexus 5X has been produced in collaboration with LG. The South Korean tech giant is actually facing a class-action lawsuit because it overlooked one major flaw in the design it uses on smartphones, including Nexus 5X. Therefore, it seems highly unlikely that Google is the one to blame. With that being said, we advise Nexus 5X owners who have encountered this issue to go straight to LG’s repair shop.

Is it Widespread?

Fortunately, no. We don’t know what’s causing this hardware malfunction but we do know that only a couple of Nexus 5X owners have been complaining about. Google and LG will surely hear about this and let’s just hope that one of them comes with a solution.

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