Four Nokia Windows Phone Devices Detailed

Apparently, Mobile-Review has got some interesting details about four of the new and upcoming Nokia devices which would come with Windows Phone mobile operating system. Obviously, there is no confirmation about these devices but Nokia has done quite a few new changes and it seems like the devices won’t be available until next year. As mentioned a total of four devices have been leaked and two of them are Nokia X7 and Nokia N8 variants which would be based on Windows Phone, there is a QWERTY touchscreen devices in a candybar form factor and finally a E6 variant which would be the most affordable of all.

It seems that Nokia has now discontinued using the “chassis 1” format which is highly constrained by hardware and has moved to using the “chassis 2” prototypes which will allow the company a greater flexibility in terms of design and the hardware which it can use.

The Nokia X7 variant which Mobile-Review calls the Nokia W7 (not the final name), would be powered by a Qualcomm QSD9250 processor and will sport a WVGA display. The chassis design would be very similar the newly announce Nokia X7 and there is a possibility that the device may come with an AMOLED display. It will sport an 8 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash and will be available in the market sometime in fall 2011, but it may take up to Q1 2012.

Next is the Nokia N8 variant which will have the same 12 megapixel camera and would be targeted towards the high-end smartphone market. It may also be Nokia’s first dual-core smartphone as it will be powered by a dual-core Qualcomm processor which would be supported by an Adreno 320 GPU for a better graphics performance. However, the design may be quite different from the Nokia N8 and it is expected to hit the markets as early as Q1 2012.

Then there is the candybar shaped device which also has a physical QWERTY keypad. This device may be a part of Nokia E-series of handsets as it would be released by Nokia with Nokia-developed enterprise-focused services. Next is the entry-level Windows Phone device from Nokia which would be based on a very similar design to that of the Nokia W7 but would come with slightly lower specifications and would get a very affordable pricing. It will apparently be equipped with an EDOF full-focus camera which can be very useful in price sensitive markets like India. Both of these devices would be based on existing Symbian prototype hardware and would release early 2012.

Most of you might be aware that Nokia and Microsoft are expected to release a total of 12 Windows Phone devices coming out next year, and these are just the first four of them. This would be the first wave of their Windows Phone devices and the second wave would include Nokia’s 2012 flagship device and another high-end camera smartphone. However, there is one extremely interesting thing which the guys at Mobile-Review have mentioned which says that the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer is still evaluating Android and everything is depended on Windows Phone sales in the first half of the next year.


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