Forza 6 Spinoff Available on Windows 10

Forza 6, Windows 10

The free version of the popular racing game series, Forza 6: Apex will be released as a beta version on May 5th. It will be made by Forza studio Turn 10 for Windows 10 and it will mark the debut of the series for PCs. Microsoft has long awaited to start investing significantly in PC gaming while pushing users to invest in Windows 10 and this is one of the many opportunities for it to do so.

“We are 100% committed to the PC gaming space. This is a long term commitment for us.” said Phil Spencer, representative of Microsoft.

Some features of the game include 63 different cars and 20 track configurations plus the series’ trademark “drivatar” system which gives the AI racers the abilities picked up from the playing tendencies of your Xbox friends. Furthermore, it will have 12 event career mode and a new scoring feature that will allow you to compare achievements with friends.

Because it’s just a beta version, Microsoft has assured players that more features will be added later which include support for racing wheels.

The game is designed to be used by players new to the franchise as well and it may include in-game purchases but those won’t affect your game-playing. You can still finish the game without paying for anything.

Quick info on Forza Motorspot: it’s a racing game designed by Turn 10 Studios and Microsoft for Xbox. The purpose of the game is to race through different circuits that resemble real world track like Road Atlanta, Laguna Seca and others and you can choose from up to 231 cars to do that. So far, there have been 6 installments culminating with Forza Motorsport 6 which brought wet-weather driving to the series plus up to 450 cars to choose from.

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