Facebook Messenger – How To View Hidden Messages

Facebook Messenger

There are messages that you have no idea that they are in your inbox on Facebook Messenger. According to reports, many users aren’t aware of their existence, but there are some messages that are diverted into a “special folder”. With other words, users don’t receive a notification when they receive a message from someone who is not in their friend list.

Today, we’re going to teach you how to find these messages. If you are using a smartphone, you will notice on the bottom right corner of the Facebook Messenger application the “Settings” button, which will take you to the in-app profile page. After that, you will have to tap on “People->Message Requests->Filtered Requests”.

Once you do this, all messages that Facebook flagged as “spam” will automatically appear in a chronological order. We remind you that, previously, it was revealed that a secret Facebook folder named “other” might contain important messages that many users have never seen. It is good to know that this feature is preventing spam messages from invading your inbox, but sometimes, some messages that are not spam get in there.

At the same time, there is no “push notification” to alert the Facebook users that they received messages in the “other” folder, which means that even if you might know the sender, you will probably never see the message.

David Pogue, a tech expert, said that he had discovered lots of messages in this secret folder that he had never seen. In addition, most of these messages were quite important, as they were invitations from old friends.

It is good to know that Facebook has started charging users $1 in order to send a message to individuals who are not their friends. By paying this fee, you will make sure that your message will get to the receiver’s inbox, whether you are or not friends with him/her.

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