Bitdefender vs. Kaspersky Internet Security – Which Software Is More Efficient?

Bitdefender vs. Kaspersky Internet Security

The Internet is a captivating place where information is just a few clicks away, but not all websites are safe, because hackers are hiding malicious content which will harm your device if you’re not protecting it with an anti-virus program.

There are many popular products that do their job as good as possible and today we’ll compare Bitdefender with Kaspersky Internet Security based on four categories: price, interface, protection and features.


At this moment, Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 costs $59.95 and it protects one computer for a period of one year. If you want your computer to be protected in the next two days, you’ll pay $89.95 or $129.95 for a period of three years. But if you have a small company with up to ten computers, you will pay more money. The same rule applies to Kaspersky Internet Security, which has similar prices.


An anti-virus program must have a simple interface, so that any novice will know how to use it, but at the same time, it must be modern and to have hidden menus that will give experienced users access to options such as temporarily disabling protection or to configure program exceptions for online gaming platforms.

Bitdefender has introduced modules which categorize different tools within the application, so users have access to the most known and used features, without digging through menu items. Kaspersky has only improved its similar UI, which was brought a few years ago. Therefore, its interface looks more appealing.


In some tests, Kaspersky managed to detect around 80 percent of known viruses, falling a little short compared to Bitdefender, which had scores above 90 percent. But the latter uses a three-phase approach to identify viruses: 1. it checks new files using the existing virus database, 2. its sandboxes potential threats and keeps an eye on them before taking action, 3. it checks all processes for malicious activity in order to detect clandestine viruses. On the other hand, Kaspersky has a malware-related tool called TDSS Killer.


Kaspersky Internet Security is offering the following features: Safe Money Technology;
Identity & Privacy Safeguards; Dangerous Website Alerts; Trusted Applications Mode and Safe Social Networking.

Bitdefender has features such as: Enhanced Parental Controls; Wallet; Autopilot; Cloud-based Anti-Spam features and New Security Reporting.

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