Apple Wants to Launch Special TV Bundle That Includes HBO, Starz and Showtime

Apple is one of the most recognized brand names in the world and this is why Apple manages to have success in all of its endeavors. The Cupertino based tech giant is mainly known for its smartphones and tablets but Apple is actually producing a wider array of products such as Apple TVs. In fact, recent reports are showing that the company is interested in offering a premium TV bundle to its customers.

Premium Apple TV Bundle

It all started when Apple was spotted talking with Showtime, Starz and HBO. These are the top three most popular TV networks in the US and Apple has offered them the opportunity to sell their products in just one bundle. In addition, Apple is already getting ready to be  involved in big budget TV Shows such as “Stranger Things” and “Westworld”. Adding these shows to its bundle will definitely increase Apple’s sales percentages.

Apple Music

The Cupertino tech giant has been competing against Spotify for a while now and it looks like Apple has finally found a way to steal some clients from Spotify. Rumor has it that Apple wants to bundle its TV program with Apple Music in order to enlarge the platform’s user base so that its able to compete against Spotify.  In addition, Apple is already producing video content for its TV platform such as Carpool Karaoke.

As good as Apple’s bundle might sound, it’s not available yet and Apple has yet to confirm that it managed to persuade Starz, HBO and Showtime to team up together. However, we can be sure that once Apple manages to create this amazing TV bundle everyone is going to purchase a subscription, especially since it includes Apple music.

We should mention that rumors are pointing out that Apple is actually in talks with Disney and 21st Century Fox as well. If Apple manages to add Disney to its TV bundle, there won’t be any competition since no one is able to bring so many big names together. Although, everything is still at the rumor phase and everything is subjective to change.

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