Apple iPhone 8 – We Still Have Doubts

As everyone already knows, Apple is preparing to unveil its highly anticipated iPhone 8 flagship during the upcoming months. Even though the Cupertino based tech giant has yet to start giving out invites, this hasn’t stopped the tech community from sparking up rumors about iPhone 8. With that being said, iPhone 8 is rumored to ship with an sleek looking edge-to-edge display (similar to Galaxy S8), dual-camera setup and no physical home button.

iPhone 8 Doubts

While it might seem that iPhone 8 is going to be an overall amazing smartphone, we still have some doubts. We can be sure that iPhone 8 will be fitted with an Infinity-like display, but Apple will try to make some changes to it so that it doesn’t look exactly like what Samsung has to offer. As previously mentioned, Apple will remove the traditional front-placed home button and install a fingerprint sensor beneath the display instead.

Fingerprint Sensor Beneath Display instead of Home Button

Many believe that Apple has already managed to find a way to embed its Touch ID fingerprint sensor beneath the display, but this is highly unlikely. The reason why Samsung decided to place Galaxy S8’s sensor on the rear side of the smartphone is because it wouldn’t function properly when covered by the display. Installing a fingerprint sensor that’s malfunctioning all the time is not an option for a flagship smartphone, or any other smartphone while at that. Therefore, we believe that if Samsung couldn’t do it, Apple is surely being faced with the same issue right now.

Apple to Follow in Samsung’s Footsteps

The only bad feedback that Samsung has received about its rather innovative Galaxy S8 flagship is the fact that the fingerprint sensor has been placed right next to the rear camera. This bad positioning is causing Galaxy S8 owners to mistakenly smudge their camera lenses. Apple is more than likely going to use the same design technique and place the Touch ID sensor also next to the camera. Considering that iPhone 8 is expected to ship with a dual-camera setup, iPhone 8 owners are truly going to have a challenging time avoiding the lenses.

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