Apple iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Which Hybrid Tablet Deserves to Win

Last year Apple launched the highly powerful iPad Pro in hopes of dominating the tablet industry. However, things didn’t go according to Apple’s plan since Microsoft has also launched its Surface Pro 4. The latter is a hybrid tablet which makes it fit right in the same category as iPad Pro. This quite an unexpected rivalry since the two devices run on different operating systems However, they do offer similar hardware performances.

Many tech fans have been asking themselves which product deserves their money the most, and we’re going to answer that question right now. The way in which we will be able to tell who’s tablet is the most powerful is by pinning them against each other in a brief comparison. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Operating System

Obviously, the operating system is the biggest difference between these two hybrid tablets. Surface Pro 4 ships with Windows 10 out of the box while iPad Pro runs on iOS 9.3 which can be upgraded up to Apple’s latest operating system available. Both operating systems have their exclusive features and impressive user experiences. However, truth be told not everyone uses iOS devices and iPad Pro fits only in an iOS-ecosystem. Therefore we have to give it to Surface Pro 4 and its Windows 10 integration in this department.

Hardware Power

Hardware power is what really matters, this department is what makes the difference between great and average devices. Surface Pro 4 is powered by the Core M3, Core i5, i7 processors depending on the acquired variant. In addition, the processors can be coupled with 4GB, 8GB and 16GB of RAM. On the other hand, we have iPad Pro which runs on Apple’s own dual-core A9X processor on all size variants. iPad Pro can be acquired in only the 2GB and 4GB RAM memory variants.

As everyone can see, Surface Pro 4 definitely has the upper hand in this brief comparison. Surface Pro 4 not only features the better operating system but it also comes with more impressive hardware parts. Last but not least, Surface Pro 4 supports a wider range of Smart Cover keyboards and third party accessories

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