Apple iPad Pro 2 – Expected Release Date, Features and Price

Apple was initially expected to refresh its iPad Pro lineup right from the start of 2017. However this didn’t happen and Apple fans are still left to wait. What’s surprising is that instead of launching the highly anticipated iPad Pro 2, Apple decided to launch a brand new and affordable 9.7 inch iPad. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that Apple fans have lost hope. iPad Pro 2 is now expected to arrive during Apple’s WWDC event which will kick off on June 5th and it will last until the 9th.

Release Date

As previously mentioned, iPad Pro 2 is now expected to arrive during Apple’s WWDC event which will be hosted in Santa Monica. Rumors from Apple’s supply chain have already started pointing out the fact that iPad Pro 2 is being mass produced, which means that the WWDC event is the perfect opportunity to unveil it. In addition, speculations are showing that the reason why Apple has delayed iPad Pro 2’s release date until June is because it was faced with some manufacturing problems.


Considering the fact that Apple’s iPad Pro lineup is known for being equipped with impressive hardware specs, iPad Pro 2 is definitely going to follow in the same footsteps. While this might be great, it also means that iPad Pro 2 will be quite expensive. The entry level 9.7 inch iPad Pro 2 is said to cost around $799 while the larger 12.9 inch model will be priced around $1099 for the 256GB storage variant.


Rumors were pointing out that Apple wants to equip iPad Pro 2 with Intel’s latest Kaby Lake CPU architecture. Well, these rumors are false since Apple has hinted that iPad Pro 2 will be fueled by its own A10X processor.

In addition, iPad Pro 2 will also ship with a TrueTone display that’s going to run at 120 Hz which will help the device to show incredible image colors. Last but not least, iPad Pro 2 is said to ship with a bezel-less display. The panel will look similar to Samsung’s recently introduced Infinity display. However, the difference is that Apple will introduce a fingerprint sensor beneath the display.

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