Apple has Lost its Innovative Touch Ever Since Steve Jobs Passed Away

Apple has made a name for itself in the tech world for always launching innovative gadgets. In fact, Apple’s devices were always revolutionary such as the original Mac for example which shipped with the first ever mass produced mouse. We should also mention that Apple’s iMac, iPad, iPod and iPhone have change the way people use their technology. Sadly, now that 2017 is here it looks Apple has lost its touch.


No one is saying that the technology world has stopped from innovating, we’re just saying that Apple is not behind any of it. Other companies have stepped in Apple’s place and they are doing quite a great job at that. For example, Amazon has managed to take the market by storm with its Echo speaker that can be controlled only through vocal commands.

Microsoft and Samsung have been competing against Apple in the tablet and smartphone category for over a decade now. The problem is that Apple has started losing the fight against the aforementioned companies. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 directly takes on iPad Pro while Samsung’s Galaxy S8 rules the smartphone market and overshadows iPhone 7.

Steve Jobs

The late Apple CEO was considered as being responsible for all of Apple’s technological advancements and now that he is gone, people are wondering if Apple will be able to strive once again. Tim Cook stepped into Steve Jobs place and while he is doing a great job, it just isn’t the same. When Steve Jobs was Apple’s CEO, no one ever knew what to expect from Apple.

Culture Change

In fact reports are showing that Apple employees are stating that ever since Steve Jobs has passed away in 2011, the company’s culture has changed completely. Bob Burrough who is an Apple employee that worked under Steve Jobs has claimed that the late CEO always used to push everyone to look for different ways in order to innovate Apple’s gadgets. Bob Burrough stated the following “It was all about we’re all working towards the same goal”.  Let’s just hope that Tim Cook manages to get Apple on the right track so that we can enjoy innovative Apple products once again.

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