Apple 9.7 inch iPad and 15 inch MacBook Pro Deals

Apple fans should be happy to know that they can benefit from a sweet 9.7 inch 32GB iPad (Wi-Fi only) right now. Customers will save $22 if they chose to purchase Apple’s 9.7 inch tablet or save $240 if they chose to acquire the premium 15 inch MacBook Pro that’s been fitted with a 2.9GHz CPU. We should also mention that the 9.7 inch iPad can only be purchased in the Space Gray color model.

9.7 inch 32GB iPad (Wi-Fi Only)

The tablet has now been priced at $307.50 and to make the deal even sweeter Apple will not tax people outside of NY and NJ. Nonetheless, Adorama is the Apple authorized reseller that’s made this deal available and the discount is available for everyone. In addition, interested customers can also bundle their iPad with AppleCare for only $99. AppleCare will extend the protection plan for the purchase iPad, therefore guaranteeing that the newly purchased iPad is not going to start malfunctioning any time soon.

15 inch MacBook Pro

As previously mentioned, interested customers will benefit from a huge $240 discount if they purchase Apple’s high-end MacBook Pro and AppleCare. The 15 inch MacBook Pro model is powered by a processor which runs at a high speed of 2.9GHz and it has also been coupled with 16GB of RAM and 1TB of on-board storage space. With the discount included, MacBook Pro now costs only $3,608.00.

12 inch MacBook Pro

If the premium 15 inch model sounds too expensive, readers should know that Adorama has also made available a deal for the 12 inch model. This is a more affordable MacBook Pro variant which has been priced at $1,299.00 down from $1,749.00. The laptop is fueled by a 1.3GHz processor, 8GB of RAM and it boasts with an internal storage space of 512GB.

Final Words

It’s great seeing that third party retailers such as Adorama are providing customers with great deals such as these. As everyone already knows, Apple products are infamous for being expensive. It looks like Adorama has decided to prove that rumor wrong by making these deals available.

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