Android Just Became the Most Popular Operating System in the World

Smartphones have become an essential factor to our everyday lives because of all the innovative features that they bring. Smartphones are actually becoming more important than desktops. In fact, Google’s Android operating system has just managed to overpass Microsoft’s Windows in the most popular operating system in the world race.

Android is the most Popular Operating System

The analytics company known as Statcounter is the one which reported that Google’s Android has became the most popular operating system in the world. The company confirmed that Android accounts represent the largest share of internet usage. Statcounter reported that during March Android’s users represented 37.93 of internet activity while Microsoft’s users represented 37.91. As everyone can see the difference is not that big, but Android is the one leading this race.


We should mention that Statcounter’s data represents the amount of usage and not users. However, it does still show us that Android has the upper hand. Statcounter based its reported on 2.5 million websites that gather over 15 billion views per month. The analytics company then took the page views data and closely analyzed the operating systems. What’s interesting is that Stacounter’s report shows that Microsoft’s mobile operating system actually presents the smallest number of users.


Android’s biggest race isn’t actually against Window but against iOS. Apple’s operating system has been competing with Android for a couple of years now and Android always ended up on top. The reason why Android features a larger base than iOS is because it’s highly popular in Europe and Asia. iOS is the most popular mobile operating system in the US but Android rules supreme in Europe. Worth mentioning is that Apple’s iOS actually was close to surpass Windows three times during the last year.

Nonetheless, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Android is the most popular operating system in the world. Google has made it a rule to pack its updates with innovative features that enhance the already smooth Android experience. We can be sure that Google is always going to look for different ways to enhance its operating system.

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