Google Now arrives on Apple’s iOS, available for iPad and iPhone

Google has finally updated the Google Sear app on Apple’s iOS and it now includes Google Now. Google says it comes with the same features as its Android version; however it does lack integration of a few services.

Google Now is a service which pulls information from all other Google services which are also linked to your Google account. While Google Now for iOS isn’t built into the mobile operating system like Siri, it works well as users already have their Google accounts on the device via a Chrome account, a Gmail account, etc.

There are a few Google Now cards which are not available for iOS users and these include – Boarding Pass, Activity Summary, Events, Zillow, Fandango, Concerts and Nearby Events.

Those interested can update their existing Google Search app on their devices to get started with Google Now. Those who do not have the Google Search app on their iPad or iPhone can download it from the App Store.

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