‘Facebook Gifts’ arrives in India, but one can only send gifts to the US

Facebook Gifts, which obviously is a service which enables its users to send gifts to their Facebook friends using the social platform. This service has now arrived in India, however at the moment one can only send gifts to their friends in the US.

The Facebook Gifts service has also been rolled out to other regions including UK and Canada. Even users from these regions can send gifts to friends who live in the US and your friends in the US can’t send you any gifts. This is likely because Facebook tied up with UPS in the US and are yet to find retailers in other regions including UK, Canada and India.

To send a gift one can click the ‘Give Gift’ button which appears at the top of your friend’s Facebook profile and they you can select what find of gift would you life to send them. There are various categories including food, wine, flowers, etc.

The user then has to pay for the gift (currently in USD) using their credit card and once the payment has been confirmed, the gifts will be shipped in a couple of working days.

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