BitTorrent’s browser client, Surf now in beta, available for Chrome and Firefox

If you regularly download stuff from the Internet using torrents, then BitTorrent has recently introduced a new procedure which makes the entire process a lot more convenient for those who use Firefox and Google Chrome.

Instead of looking for torrents on various websites, getting the torrent file and then downloading the files using a desktop client, the new procedure introduced by BitTorrent allows you to use your browser as a downloading client via its new BitTorrent Surf plug-in which is available for Firefox and Chrome.

 A couple of months ago the company had released the Alpha version of BitTorrent Surf and now the Beta version is available for the masses. The company has also mentioned that an extension for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is expected to arrive at a later date.

The Beta version of BitTorrent Surf includes new features including the new discovery and recommendation engine, which helps push certain content at the top of the search results.

You can give this a go by visiting the WebStore for Chrome and the Add-On Page for Firefox.

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