3 Useful Social Networking Widgets for Google Chrome.

Just like the Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome has also started providing extensions or plug-ins to their users. All those who are a part of the Social Networking trend, can use these extensions to improve and simply their experience by using Google Chrome. So here are three useful Social Networking extensions for Google Chrome.

Facebook for Google Chrome:

The previous version of this extension for Google Chrome was not that stable, but it seems they have fixed a lot of bugs in the latest version of the extension and also, it cannot be used in the beta version of Google Chrome which is available for Linux users however you can run it in the nightly version if you are a Linux user. The extension helps you to read your Facebook news feeds; you can also check your wall and update your status using the extension. You can also use it to comment and like the updates and posts by your friends.

Stumble Upon for Google Chrome:

Stumble Upon is one of its kind, it is the best tool on the internet to discover new web pages as per your interests. There are more than 500 topics which you can select your preferences from and just by pressing the Stumble button you will be randomly ported to a webpage which will excite you and suck you in! This is the same extension as the one for Mozilla Firefox the only thing is that now even Chrome users can enjoy it.

Chromed Bird for Google Chrome:

Chromed Bird is an amazing Twitter extension for Google’s Chrome Internet Browser. Using Chromed Bird will let you easy access to your Twitter account, and a very good thing about the Chromed Bird is that it does not interacts with your personal information and password until you give it the permission. A few important features of Chromed Bird are the lists and favorite time lines, it select to read or unread a tweet, it gives you quick tweet notifications, and makes your job much easier as it lets you delete, tweet, share, mark a tweet as favorite and also lets you shorten the URL’s.

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