3 Reasons to Use Satellite Internet

If you’re on a slow connection or can’t get one because you’re not in an area where major providers fight for Internet customers, accessing the web can be frustrating. Even if you have several service options, it might be a case of “six of one, half a dozen of the other” where each provider will only offer you a limited speed and the same amount of hassle.

Satellite Internet is an option many people don’t think about when they go to get an Internet connection. This option has several benefits over other types of Internet like cable or dial-up connections. Here are three of the main reasons you should use satellite Internet.

Access the Internet anywhere

If you’re in a rural area, you know the frustration of trying to get Internet service with a decent speed at an affordable price. Satellite Internet, because it is delivered by satellites in space and not through lines that have to be installed in the ground, is available to many more people than could access traditional Internet connections. If you’ve ever been told that you live in an area with too low a population density for better Internet or where providers simply can’t install lines, or if you’re currently forced to use dial-up Internet, satellite is a great choice.

Higher Internet speeds

Most people who are using dial-up or low-speed cable solutions are only doing so because they think they can’t get any better speeds. Satellite Internet is actually faster than most dial-up and other solutions available to rural residents. With speeds of up to 15 Mbps (about 2 MB/s), your old Internet connection will look slower than ever when you switch to a satellite solution. If you have more than one device using the connection, other methods of connecting to the Internet will be frustrating for everyone, but 2 MB/s is enough for several devices to perform low-bandwidth activities like browsing, or one device to stream TV shows and movies.

Easy to set up

Have you ever tried to set up a dial-up connection? A certified professional will install your satellite Internet connection, which takes away the frustration you experience with most setup processes. There are several cables, a satellite dish, and a modem to consider with a satellite connection, and the professional will take care of it. Aiming a satellite dish yourself for the best reception possible is frustrating, but experts know how to get the best signal. There are FCC regulations that govern the attachment of satellite dishes to buildings and other objects, but the installer will take care of meeting these requirements. You don’t need to worry about grounding the dish or connecting the coaxial cable.

The benefits of signing up for satellite Internet are numerous, but these are three of the top reasons. If you ever find yourself annoyed because you can’t get a good dial-up or cable Internet connection, satellite is an option you should consider. You can get better speeds and avoid the setup woes of other methods.

Marcus Weaver works in tech support. He frequently writes about his findings on technology blogs. Click to learn more about HughesNet Satellite Internet.

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