Backpacking Tips for First Timers

Backpacking is fun when you have the right company, select a great place, and get yourself prepared physically and mentally to withstand its rigorousness. Before going backpacking it is essential to speak to a number of people, especially those who have traveled a lot on backpacks. Travel guides and journals need to be read. The internet is also a rich source of information on this topic.

Picking Partners

For going backpacking it is always advisable to travel in groups. In case you are a beginner it is wise to team up with at least an experienced traveler. An experienced traveler not only is aware of the requirements of a backpack tour but could also act as a guide and great companion. Going solo is never a good idea, particularly if your trip is to an undiscovered territory.

Deciding on a Destination

Deciding on a destination is the next step to your backpacking expedition. You could choose between countryside trails, mountain treks, beach hikes or jungle expeditions. A guide book is helpful in this respect. Before deciding on a destination it is important to make an assessment of yourself and your partners’ physical capabilities. Some treks are gentle while others could be demanding on both your mind and body.

For new backpackers, a familiar or less arduous destination would be desirable. For instance, Costa Adeje in Spain could be a probable destination. This place on the coast has a mixture of inns and all-time best hotels Costa Adeje. Beginners would find the place unspoilt, tranquil and invigorating.

Decide on your Holiday Duration

While planning it is essential to decide on the number of days of your trip. Your arrangement for provisions and money would depend on the duration of your stay and the place you have decided to visit. For backpackers it is better to put up in home-stays or inns. These offer the right kind of ambience and amenities for a backpacker. For first timers it is advisable to opt for visits not extending beyond one week. It is also advisable to stay close to important towns or cities on your first few backpacking trips.

Choosing your Gear

The gear you choose depends on the place you plan to visit and the number of days you propose to stay. Irrespective of these two conditions your gear should contain two categories of items: i) basic necessities; ii) emergency handling. Items like camp pillows, sleeping pads, stoves, head lamp, electric torch, toilet paper, sunscreen, sun-glass and medicines are must. You need to have a good quality backpack to carry all your items. Many of these items like backpacks, sleeping pads, and pillows are available on rent. Backpacks of different capacities are available and you need to choose the one that is lightweight and of right length. The ideal length of your backpack should be from the top of your hips to the neck. Backpacks that are bigger than this would be uncomfortable, while smaller ones would not accommodate your belongings.


This is vital for any form of backpacking trips. Reaching your destination is primary and for this you could take the help of hired cars. Not all places of hiking are close to cities or rail heads. You might have to rent a car to go near your destination. For hiking tours a SUV would be ideal. These are heavy duty vehicles with all terrain tires. Rental cars in Tenerife take you to Costa Adeje, Puerto de la Cruz, Playa Paraiso, and other locations in Spain. During your vehicular travel you are covered with insurance. In case there is a breakdown, a substitute vehicle is provided immediately.

About the author – David Brown is a globe trotter and mountaineer. His experience in visiting all time best hotels Costa Adeje is immense. He has been to famous and not-so-famous places during a three decade period. He is closely associated with mountaineering institutes and backpackers organizations in different countries.

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